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Premium Baby Walking Assistant

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Parents, your life just got a little easier!

The Premium Baby Walking Assistant is truly an innovative idea! Say goodbye to the long process of learning yourbaby / toddler how to walk and let them make their first steps in HALF THE TIME!

This Premium Walking Assistant is designed with parents in mind and is perfect to build a sense of trust while standing and walking for babies during their toddler period. It allows your baby to keep their balances and stand more naturally, which makes them more confident to learn walking much faster.
It fits babies of all shapes and sizes.
The Premium Walking Assistant makes it conveniently easier for parents to guide their babies, with a straight back, and let them make their first steps.

This Walking Assistant was developed by safety expert for busy parents.

Don't like it? RETURN IT NO PROBLEM!

Premium Walking Assistant features:

  • Fits children 8 - 20 months
  • 3-points adjustable safety harness
  • Adjustable chest circumference (40cm to 60cm) to fit any Baby
  • Adjustable height settings for any parents - long and short!
  • Fastens securely with a quick clip (no knots)
  • Made out of pearl cotton for the handle and shoulder straps, thicken soft cotton pads for oxter, breathable cotton for the waistcoat.
  • No sore back-feeling while guiding your baby with a straight back!
  • Why the Premium Baby Walking Assistant over other less expensive variants?

Easy, no other tool will teach your baby how to walk as fast and secure as this Premium Baby Walking Assistant. In the end, nothing is more important than the development of your baby. It fully envelopes your child, coming up over their chest and fastening behind their back with a secure strong clip; no knots. All while feeling free to move and make their first steps!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Customer satisfaction is our first priority.We guarantee you (and your baby) will love the Premium Walking Assitant, that's why our product is backed with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied in any way with this product, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

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